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Jesus Mary Joseph School

JMJ is what school should be ? a safe, positive environment where students are excited to learn and where each child is guided to reach his/her full potential.
Holistic Development involve well-rounded development of children through academics and extracurricular of international standards and at the same time providing them with a sense of connectivity to Indian culture and values.

An Engaging Educational Approach to encourage students to actively participate in their own education. They do it by setting personal goals and performing self evaluation.

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The education process becomes a systematic growth forwards excellence only when we share ideas and translate them into initiatives and progress. I believe in harmonizing of the collective aspiration of the students and my teachers. I have always believed that "to make the ideas implementable the core issues are both attitude and intent. It is a positive attitude that impacts one to go beyond limitations, to exceed and to excel. "So, we all must be ready to walk that mile in a discipline and goal oriented manner". 

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1st list of Nursery Admission 2021

List of Candidates for Nursery Admission Selected by draw on 24.03.2021

Cultural Exchange Program at Odisha

Precautions for Coronavirus

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CBSE Helpline number for examination stress & counselling for class X & XII students

Cyber Security awareness for students, teachers and parents link

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